How do I guide you?

Every family is different. And father, mother and children react to each other according to certain patterns. If those patterns are not positive, I can help to break them. In other cases where the family situation is not standard, such as with a composite family, it often does not go smoothly as hoped. Even then I can support by working together towards a solution.

A piece of awareness of how to change is always pleasant. I do this by conducting various conversations with the family. And if the children are very small with 1 or both parents.
I can also look at a recorded parenting situation within the family. This gives an insight into how things are going. We then discuss that together. For example, if your child has withdrawn or has a temper tantrum, then a whole process is often preceded that can be discussed via an objective recording.

By means of creative interventions such as crafts and drawing with the children, the family harmony can be improved. And also as a game coach I can guide the parents to play better with the child and give true attention in a conscious way.

But I can also use systemic coaching, in which the interactions between all family members are involved during coaching. Here I use Playmobil dolls.

I prefer to come home so that I can properly assess the family situation. But also have your own practice space in Haarlem-Zuid with free parking in front of the door.
Specializations: Solution-oriented coaching, systemic working, core quadrants, non-violent communication, family constellations

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