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On the moment I’m not available for assignments. I’m on sabbatical.

In these chaotic times when there are many stimuli, not just from social media and school, children have difficulty processing all those impressions. Especially highly sensitive children often find it difficult to meet various expectations. At home, in a safe environment, the bomb often explodes. Are you looking for a solution in a chaotic situation?

That’s why I now offer online coaching!


Thanks for the online coaching session. It was well explained clearly what Strong willed and over-stimulated kids are. I have learned a lot from it and now understand where my children come from.


I had a pleasant conversation with Ingrid. She had made a short analysis of the date and time of birth of myself and my children. The things discussed were certainly recognizable. And also an eye opener on how to deal with certain properties. Thanks for the advice.


Ingrid has a warm and calm personality and is a sensitive observer. She is also very well read and informed on child psychology (particularly high sensitive kids) and this together with her intuitive and spiritual nature means she can quickly identify and assess a situation and pinpoint what the problem is.


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