I enjoyed talking to Ingrid and she really listened. Her practical tips were helpful. She encouraged me to try new things and patterns.” -Kathi

“Because of the information that Ingrid gave us, it became much clearer to my husband and me what happens in certain situations with the children. We got practical tips with which we could get started and that helped almost immediately. It was also very nice that there was a click between the children and Ingrid, they felt at ease and that made it easier for us as parents during the coaching sessions. “- Laura

“Through Ingrid I became very aware of my own professional behavior with the youth. She initially showed a listening ear, allowing me to discuss my situations well. She asked questions that made me think about possible solutions and I was put in my own expertise. She let me not only see what goes wrong in the parenting situations, but also what goes well and what my possibilities are. Ingrid does this with a very open and pleasant attitude.”
– Dominique

“Ingrid Bax worked for 2 years as a welfare coach at our health center Schalkwijk.
Ingrid can coach people better to get more direction and to take initiatives. The collaboration with Ingrid has always been very pleasant: Ingrid is calm, can listen well and motivate people to take steps.
Ingrid has continued to develop herself and she is now a parenting coach. Hereby she can use all her qualities well.”
– Arianne Baak GP

“With Ingrid Bax Erline de Boer, Christy ter Braak and Klaartje Vreeken played the parenting skills game. A very refreshing way to investigate which … qualities we have as educators. A very positive approach, where we talked to each other about our way of upbringing.
Ingrid Bax from Spelend Wijs facilitated the game. With her calm and interested attitude, a valuable dialogue about education came about. In parenting issues – whether or not in conflict situations – she is the professional where you can find a 100 % solution”-Klaartje

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