A first exploratory introductory meeting is free.

If you decide to continue with the program following the introductory meeting, the program consists of an intake interview, an in-depth interview and a final interview. Depending on the complexity of the problem, a session will last half an hour or an hour. Longer routes are also possible. If you want to coach systemically, the approach is a mix of parent-child, parents alone, individual parent coaching.

For a half-hour consultation I charge 40 euros including VAT.

Terms and conditions

Travel costs are free for the first 10 km, after which I charge E 0.25 per km. You can cancel an appointment 24 hours in advance by leaving a message on: 0643992136 or by sending an email to If you cancel the appointment too late, you are late or you do not keep the agreed consultation, you will still be charged the planned costs.

The costs charged must be paid within one month.

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