Hoe begeleid ik?

In the current time I also supervise through online coaching. A process consists of a free exploratory interview, an intake interview, an in-depth interview and a concluding interview. My approach is practical and solution-oriented. Short questions of 1 session are also possible.

How to register?

Send me an e-mail with briefly your problem in the family situation. And possibly additional information such as birth dates if it concerns a horoscope analysis. Also include your phone number and the best time to call. I will contact you by phone. If you live in the South Kennemerland region, I can come by. Otherwise I coach online.

Every family is different. Father, mother and children react to each other according to certain patterns. If those patterns are not positive, I can help break them. In other cases where the family situation is not standard, such as with a composite family, it often does not go smoothly as hoped. Even then I can support by working towards a solution. A lot of awareness of how to change is always nice. I do this by having several conversations with the parents. I work with a step-by-step plan. In this way we work together towards a harmonious family situation.

With the older children I have online 1: 1 conversations to see why they are not feeling well or to see how the relationship with the parents can be improved.

But above all I work in a structured way with a step-by-step plan.

Specializations: Solution-oriented coaching, high sensitivity, systems therapy, core quadrants, non-violent communication, horoscopes, aligning the upbringing of both parents.

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