Sleeping ritual

Do you have a young child who is afraid to go to sleep? Then good preparation is half the battle. Some children feel that they fall into some kind of abyss. Then tell your child that it is going to dreamland or starland and make it a bed ritual. And don’t let the child look at a monitor just before bed. A child thrives better with the images of the ordinary things of life such as setting the table, folding up, removing the table, working in the garden, etc.

If your child is stressed, a soothing chamomile, lime blossom, calendula or lavender bath will help just before bed. Chamomile suppositories help with toothache. For abdominal pain, wrap a chamomile around the belly.

After all, you don’t feel guilty if your child doesn’t want to sleep and on the other hand, don’t think your child is doing it on purpose.

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